Handmade in Sweden

How it’s made. All our sculptures are handmade at the small glassworks in Målerås. It takes seven craftsmen and at least ten working steps to make a glass sculpture. When you buy a glass object from Målerås, you get a piece of genuine Swedish craftsmanship of very high quality.


How it's made

A work of art glass sculpture, which is cast, starts life in the designer’s sketchbook. Then a model is made as a basis for the finished mould design, which is improved and polished at all stages and in every detail to reach perfection for casting. Before the hot crystal is poured into the finished cast, the mould has been heated to reduce temperature difference and, thus, thermal shock. All casting is done by hand and demands a high level of competence and knowledge about temperature and the behaviour of melted glass. Målerås Glasbruk uses an exclusive crystal recipe, which picks up reflected light and giving the glass that extra clarity and beauty.


Blown Glass Production

In the melting pot the hot glass glitters and sparks and lights up the whole factory with a warm red glow. The glass blower gathers the melted glass on his pipe and, in the smoke from the wet wooden forms, blows the glass to perfection. To become a master glassblower demands talent, education and many years of experience.Only then can the professional blower recreate the designer’s intentions and message to the world. In the Kingdom of Glass, glass-blowing is often a family affair, the skills being passed on through the generations and it is this continuity that guarantees that mouth blown glass objects continue to find new owners around the world. Strix and Lucifer.


Hand Painting Crystal Production

Glass painting is a form of art that is enjoying a renaissance at Målerås Glassworks. Skilled painters realise the designer’s intentions with their brushstrokes, making each item of glass a unique piece. Conscious of our environmental responsibilities, all our sculptures are hand-painted using organic colours. Flowers, wildlife or True art


Engraving Crystal Production

After the cast glass has been sandblasted and painted, the engraver enhances important details and sometimes even sandblasts the glass sculpture once again. Before engraving the glass sculpture is honed and polished in several stages to create the highest gloss before it is ready to be packed and shipped to a customer somewhere in the world. Wildlife clear. That’s how it’s made.

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